Brides-Eye View

One of the cool things about creating a virtual tour of a wedding venue is the possibility that it provides for the bride to visualize the exact spot that she will stand when getting married. Last Friday, we had the opportunity to visit an amazingly picturesque spot near Fredericksburg, Va – The Gari Melchers Home and Studio. The tour we created shows the space set up for a wedding that was to take place the next day.

360 is now 3-D

Virtual Reality is more than just the latest over-hyped buzz coming east from Silicon Valley. It’s here now and it’s surprisingly affordable and accessible. All the virtual tours that we create at Pack Line 360 are now “VR” ready. This means that with a smart phone and a cardboard VR headset, your tours become an amazing immersive and captivating experience. If you’re interested in creating a virtual reality experience for your business ask us for a demo – we’ll even

Virtual Rock and Roll

I recently discovered that one of Washington D.C.’s premier rock clubs can be virtually toured through Google Maps. I have very fond memories of the 9:30 Club of my youth (930 F Street NW). It was a tiny, smoky, distinctively scented hole-in-the-wall. While the shiny new 9:30 Club consistently get voted as one of the premier rock venues in the country, it lacks the charm of the original.

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